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Writers can be a curious lot. We thrive on ideas. But we survive only when we turn feathery ideas into concrete communications. As stewards of a brand, we strive for perfection—to a fault. But we know when to break the rules. Including grammar.

Even though the word "creative" conjures up whimsy, a professional creative provides perfectly logical reasons why he or she chose that word or this color.


We don't always catch ideas with butterfly nets. Most of the time, we cajole ideas into the light by asking the  right questions. Often, it takes only three. What if? Why not? And who cares? 

Does your company need a muse? A new brand? A brand new idea? 

Call on a writer. 

Curriculum vitae
  • senior copywriter, Eastman, Kingsport, Tenn. (01/2012–present)

  • freelance writer/creative director, DBA Greg Petropoulos, New Durham, N.H. (07/1994–01/2012)

  • brand director, MicroArts, LLC,  Greenland, N.H. (10/2007–05/2011)

  • staff writer, Nellie Mae, Braintree, Mass. (09/2002–09/2003)

  • creative copywriter, MicroArtsAZ, Inc.,  Greenland, N.H. (10/2000–12/2001)

  • writer, Sage Marcom, Newburyport, Mass. (05/2000–10/2000)

  • senior writer, Gray Loon Marketing Group, Evansville, Ind. (10/1999–05/2000)

  • senior writer, USA Group, Indianapolis, Ind. (07/1992–11/1997) 

  • supervisor, senior data analyst, customer service rep,  ELSC, Indianapolis, Ind. (9/1983–07/1992

  • human, Earth, (09/1961–present)