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I have written and illustrated a few children's books, currently available on Amazon.


If you happen to get one, please leave a review. Thanks! 

somewhere at the fair cover.jpg.webp

Ivy the Lamb wonders why her farmer is loading his trailer with hay. She and her friends — Sam the goat and Banjo the bunny — hop aboard to find out more. What sort of trouble could they possibly get into?

Find out in this delightfully rhyming story as three farm animals stowaway to the county fair.

Available in hard cover and paperback. 68 pages. 


Definitely not the American robin (turdus migratorius), Turd Birds are flocking, squawking, walkie-talkie talking fun-loving birds who should delight your kids with their antics.

Available in paperback. 44 pages. 


Ivy the Lamb is tired of being cooped up in her meadow and dreams of having wings and flying around the world—or to the moon. When a bird lands on her back, she has an idea; can she fly with the help of friends? Find out what happens in this rhyming tale of a lamb who longs to soar.

Available in hard cover and paperback. 76 pages. 

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Ivy the Lamb is bored of eating only grass and clover. So, she recruits her friends—a llama, yak, goat, and angora rabbit—to find something new to eat: cupcakes! Of course, they don’t know the first thing about cupcakes. They have never seen one. They certainly never tasted one. And they have no idea how to find one. But having no idea has never stopped wooly animals from doing something fully laughable.

Available in hard cover and paperback. 60 pages. 


An aardbarker? A chimpanzebra? An octopug? A is for Aardbarker is an illustrated alphabet book of fantastical creatures you’ll never find at the zoo, in the wild, or anywhere but the imagination. Set to rhymes chockful of according consonant and vowel sounds, it’s fun and silly wordplay—from A to Z.

Available in paperback. 32 pages. 

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