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Brand launch case study: reposition the competition

Tetrashield is coating technology that—as the name suggests—is about protection. But all coatings protect, don’t they?


Some just do it better.  Through groundbreaking weathering, chemical resistance, and a sweet spot in regards to flexibility and rigidity, Tetrashield resins help make coatings more durable. They can be applied in low-VOC and BPA-free formulations. And in many cases, Tetrashield can help eliminate

energy-intensive manufacturing steps by providing sufficient protection and aesthetics with just one coat.

The audience

• Automotive OEMs—paint systems

• Industrial OEM—ship builders, building materials, pipes, water towers, etc.

• Brand owners—food packaging with lined metal cans


Develop branding and brand messaging that includes:

• Value proposition

• Brand pillars

• Theme/campaign

• Collateral

• Trade show concepts/material

This product was named by chemists based on its structure. But I believed the name also can highlight the four ways it protects:  equipment and products, processes and productivity, the environment and regulatory compliance, and reputations and brand experiences.  Thus, the brand pillars were: durability, productivity, sustainability, and integrity. 


This campaign also targeted four market silos: automotive, industrial (farm equipment, shipping), infrastructure (pipelines, etc.), and metal food cans. Messages were tailored to speak directly to these markets. Showing final products (cars, ships, pipes, cans) in real-life harsh conditions emphasized the need for superior protection—insinuating that Tetrashield does the job where the competition might fail. The headline, “There’s no such thing as overprotection,” implies that using the competition may leave you vulnerable. The campaign was implemented through advertisements, web banners, direct mail, email, press releases, and trade show presence—addressing each of the four markets and promoting the four brand pillars.


At trade shows, brightly colored suits of armor coated with Tetrashield, dramatically reinforced the protection message while attracting a crowd to the booth.


My role: determine the value proposition, brand development, brand pillars, brand story, overall campaign concepts/themes, campaign hierarchy, copy 

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